Whimventory allows you to create wishlists while you shop online. Using a bookmarklet or extension you add to your web browser, you can add new items to your lists without leaving the site you’re shopping on.

You can later sort, filter, and edit the items in your lists. You can share lists with others, require a password, or keep them completely private. If someone decides to buy you something from one of your lists, they can mark the item as purchased to prevent duplicate gifts.

We’ll give you your list however you want it. If you want it on paper, you can print a neat graphic list directly from our site. If you want it saved on your computer, we’ll export it to a CSV (spreadsheet) for you. Whimventory is built to help you organize your online shopping.

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The Team

Luke Connolly @kidminded

Luke worked closely with Oliver in 2009 to provide branding, UX, and interaction design for the original Whimventory platform. As the application continues to grow, Luke will constantly be looking for ways to improve the product and the end experience for users.

Yuan Ma @yuanyma

Yuan is the lead developer of Whimventory, responsible for the architecture and implementation of the current application. He will be technical lead on the project, bringing over a decade of development experience to the Whimventory team.

Gene Gurvich @genegurvich

Gene is the newest member of Whimventory — a capable full-stack developer who has been vital to our rebuild and will continue to provide feature updates and bug fixes as they arise. Brining Gene on board should improve our responsiveness to bugs and allow us to deliver updates more quickly.

Oliver Jensen @ojensen5115

As the founder and original mastermind behind Whimventory, Oliver built the earliest prototype and presented it to Luke way back in 2009. He helped develop and expand the platform for several years, but has since moved to an advisory position, providing useful guidance to Yuan and Luke as the app continues to grow.

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